Dear Colleagues and Friends

It is our pleasure to announce that the 13th European Energy Market Conference, EEM 2016, will take place in the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, FEUP, from 6 to 9 of June 2016. EEM 2016 is organized by INESC TEC, a private research center that works closely with FEUP that also collaborates in the organization. Porto is the largest city in the north of Portugal and it is a very lively city with numerous touristic attractions namely in its historic center declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996. Porto is also the gateway to the Douro valley also declared World Heritage in 2001.

EEM Conferences have already established a strong tradition in Europe and in the world in terms of building a forum to exchange ideas and to discuss a wide range of issues related with energy markets, not only associated with different types of mathematical formulations and solution approaches, but also directed to market design, regulatory policies, climate change as well as foresee and debate changes and challenges that this sector will most likely go through in the near and longer terms.

EEM Conferences have been growing along the years. This growth can be can be illustrated by the increasing number of participants and submitted papers, by the geographic distribution of the participants and by the level and quality of the sessions and discussions during the event.

Regarding the next edition, EEM 2016, we are already working to continue and strength this path and to build a rich and lively program, both on its scientific and social aspects. It is therefore with most pleasure that we invite you to submit a paper and/or to participate in EEM 2016, hoping this will be a fruitful and most enjoyable experience.

Bem Vindos ao Porto e à EEM 2016 / Welcome to Porto and to the EEM 2016

João Tomé Saraiva and José Nuno Fidalgo

Chair and Vice Chair of EEM 2016



Technical Sponsors

INESC TEC - Laboratório Associado